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EastEnders Highlights UK Bin Collection Problems

Posted by garry 31/10/2016 0 Comment(s) Refuse Sacks, Bags & Liners,

Many boroughs in Britain have experienced a reduction in rubbish bin collections recently, with some councils only picking up black refuse sacks every four weeks.

That is why popular TV soap EastEnders has chosen to highlight the problem many Brits are experiencing by introducing it as a storyline in the beloved show.

Albert Square residents have been incensed that their bins are only being collected every other week since it was first mentioned in September.

Scriptwriters have been including it in the lines on a weekly basis, emphasising the rubbish strewn across the square, overflowing bins and councils refusing to collect the sacks as they no longer fit in the wheelie bins provided.

Earlier this week, long-term resident Billy Mitchell said: “The rubbish is piling up. The foxes, they ripped open our bin bags and there’s food all over the street.”

However, in reality, the move to reduce the number of collections, or in some areas introducing smaller wheelie bins, is to encourage people to recycle more.

Another character, Donna, balanced out the argument, saying: “If everyone sorted out their rubbish properly like I do, you’d have plenty of room in your bin.”

While the storyline might have disgruntled some fans as it is not the most interesting or dramatic, it is certainly a reflection of what is going on in society at the moment.

For example, residents in Falkirk, Scotland, have recently taken to Facebook to air their grievances that their bins are only being collected every four weeks now.

The Falkirk Herald revealed householders in Bainsford and Langless were angry as some of their bins were not picked up as they were already overfull, which would have meant they would be left there for seven weeks without being collected.

However, due to the complaints, the council scheduled another collection to empty the bins that were left to avoid a hygiene problem in the area.


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