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Wales ‘Top’ For Recycling Efforts

Posted by garry 21/11/2016 0 Comment(s)

Wales is leading the UK when it comes to recycling household waste, with official figures showing that 60.2 per cent of all waste in the country was recycled, double what it was just ten years ago.


Not only that but if Wales was a single member state in the EU, it would actually hold the fourth position overall in the recycling league tables, according to Welsh environment secretary Lesley Griffiths, the BBC reports.


The next target for the nation is to hit a recycling rate of 64 per cent by the year 2020 and 70 per cent by 2025. Recycling and resource specialist at Bangor University Rebecca Colley-jones told the newspaper: “Welsh government is the only devolved administration to have put statutory recycling targets in legislation up to 2025. Because of that, local authorities have seen it as a priority – and they’ve put in place things to make sure it happens.”


Across England, meanwhile, various councils have just started imposing charges on residents to drop off specific items at household recycling centres… a move that may prove to be discouraging where recycling is concerned and perhaps even encourage fly-tipping.


For example, Staffordshire County Council will be imposing a levy for those looking to dump toilets, sinks, rubble, tyres and plasterboard, although other household items will remain free of charge for recycling.


Councillor Gill Heath told the Stoke Sentinel that the costs of processing such material must be covered because they’re not legally regarded as being typical household rubbish.


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