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Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sack 18 28 30

Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sack 18 28 30

Technical Information

Our bags are displayed with approximate Imperial and Metric sizes.

Depending on manufacturers most work within a 2.5% tolerance on size.

Most of our bags are displayed with actual Micron thicknesses

There is no “performs as gauge” or “market view”

We will tell you if our bags are recycled or virgin or blended.

We will tell you if our bags are MDPE-HDPE LLDPE or a mixed blend.

We will tell you where they are manufactured, most here in the UK and are marked with a flag.

We use recognised UK manufacturers who use Post Industrial waste from UK manufacturing processes. A  green and sustainable source.

Low micron bags and liners are sourced from the Far East.

Most bags have a fit for purpose scale either from CHSA, or BS 6642 and are marked with an ideal weight capacity.

If you need samples first please let us know?

 Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sack 18 28 30


  • Highly economical Soluble Strip Laundry Sack 
  • size 18 28 30 approx
  • CHSA Duty "unrated"
  • Micron 10mu
  • 200 sacks  per case 

This economical bag is useful for collection and laundry of soiled linen

Especially suited for sites nurseries,residential and nursing homes



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